Hello! はじめまして! Ciao!
Hello everyone!

I just stopped by (yes, I know this is my journal so I shouldn't say "stopped by" but actually write on it) to say that, contrary to popular belief, I am not using this journal to write about myself.

Actually, I don't write anything, cos I have nothing of import to say.

The only reason I made this journal back in 2007 was so I could friend some amazingly brilliant FF writers and read their works.

Now I mostly use this account to join communities, such as Johnny's fandoms (EDIT 2015: and KPOP fandoms).

I know there are some communities that won't accept members whose LJ's are a waste land (aka: mine), and it's understandable, seeing as the internet is sadly populated by idiots.

I just thought I'd leave a brief post to say that I am not one of those above-mentioned individuals.

I won't steal/ sell/ upload to streaming sites anything I may be taking from other people's LJ's or communities. Neither will I redistribute your works to other communities or such, or claim them as mine.

 I am the epitome of "for private use only", so please let me join your community!! Onegai!! *begs on her knees*

*straightens up* A-ehm. That said, I wish you all a nice day!

Thanks for reading and for letting me join your group!  (-.^)y

Bye! *waves*


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